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First-time setup & introduction to MarineSmart

Connect to MarineHub

After the equipment has been installed by an authorized entity, the unit will be activated by Marine Dynamics. Download the app MarineSmart from Google Play or Apple App Store.

To begin using the app, connect to the wireless network, broadcast by the MarineHub which is mounted in the cabin. You can find Network ID and password printed on the sticker attached to the chassis of MarineHub.

If you're experiencing problems connecting to the internet, check one of these guides if they apply to your device:

Example network settings on iPad connected to a MarineHub used for internal testing.

The network is named "MarineDynamics_" plus the 5 letters you find on the Hub.

Setup MarineSmart

When using MarineSmart for the first time, some settings must be configured. Navigate to "Settings" to begin. The pictures below will take you through the different settings:

Before using the catch diary a skipper must be named.